New Book From DSRS Founder- Large Group Decision Making:Creating Decision Support Approaches at Scale

We would like to finally announce that new book from our research group founder has been published and can be reached from publisher’s website.

The book takes a pionerring appproach to be a reference for important trends such as consensus support, fusion and weighting of relevant decision information, subgroup clustering, behavior management, and implementation of decision support systems, among others.

Nevertheless, a review and principles of the classical approach to challenges and difficulties in large decision groups, families of techniques, and newly related disciplines to Large-Group Decision Making are discussed.

Finally, existing and future works have been highlighted in this novel topic.

Please click the cover below to find the book on Springer:

I hope you enjoy it and please do not to hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Palomares Carrascosa for a feedback or update about the book.

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