About Us

The Decision Support and Recommender Systems (DSRS) research group was founded in mid-2018 by researchers in the School of Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Engineering Maths (SCEEM), University of Bristol.

Being led by Dr. Iván Palomares Carrascosa, this young but highly enthusiastic group focuses on investigating data science, information fusion, decision analysis and artificial intelligence techniques can help supporting contemporary complex decision-making scenarios, involving humans, agents or groups of them. We are driven by developing cutting-edge solutions to nowadays societal problems involving challenging decision-making processes, through interdisciplinary, international and high-impact research and development activities.

Examples of major questions currently being addressed include:

(i) how to support consensual decision-making among large groups of participants, as well as group personalisation problems where participants’ opinions and motivations are highly diverse or conflicting.

(ii) how to intelligently incorporate and combine multiple views of social and contextual data to improve the performance of modern recommender system approaches,

(iii) exploring novel applications of recommender systems and decision support under uncertainty, such as: management sciences, tourism, academic recruitment and human-machine decision making.