DSRS Research Group Members participated 3rd international workshop on DMRS in Italy, Bolzano

International Workshop on Decision Making and Recommender Systems

It is really exciting to share some info about our recent participation to an event that gathers many pioneers together in a lovely, authentic university campus for two days.
The 3rd International Workshop on Decision Making and Recommender Systems (DMRS 2018) is an event organized by four members of Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and attracted more than 40 people around the world for two days of full of seminars and discussions on Decision Making and Recommender Systems. Three members of the DSRS research group traveled through lovely Alpine landscape to the authentic city of Bolzano where a blend of two cultures gave the place a unique atmosphere.

First Day of the workshop was very insightful and had witnessed strong debates on some presentations. First day presenters were;

Natali Helberger, the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Talk Title: Diversity: a concept with a mission, and what that means for diverse recommender design 

Aristides Gionis, Aalto University, Finland

Talk Title: Diversity maximization in social networks

Allison Stanger, Middlebury College, USA

Talk Title: Is Algorithmic Justice an Oxymoron?

Paul Resnick, University of Michigan, USA

Talk Title: Platform Health Metrics

Following the first day presentations, we joined dinner at a warm and friendly Austrian style bar to meet other attendees.

The Second day of the workshop was also remarkable as we listened to two very fascinating presentations covering research areas of all members of our research groups.

First Presenter was,

Daniele Quercia, Bell Labs, Cambridge, UK

Talk Title: Good City Life

Second presenter was,

 Ariel Rosenfeld, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Talk Title: Predicting Human Decision-Making: From Prediction to Recommendation


We must note that the studies done by Dr. Quercia about most pleasant city routes in London show the power of open data and crowdsourcing methods. Additionally, Dr. Rosenfeld’s acting skills were remarkable and made his talk enjoyable.

Last but not least, we had an opportunity to showcase our latest research development platform during the coffee breaks to get some feedback.

Our extended abstract titled as “Group decision making with recommendations ‘in the loop’: application to trip planning through video watching” has received funding from Bristol University Alumni Foundation to be shown in this event.

Finally,  two days of full of amazing debates and information exchange along with delicious Italian-Austrian cuisine following a nice dinner in a local Toscana-styled restaurant have left good memories in Bolzano and we moved to Venice to see a floating city before our flight next day.


Some pictures taken during our Bolzano trip are here:


New Book From DSRS Founder- Large Group Decision Making:Creating Decision Support Approaches at Scale

We would like to finally announce that new book from our research group founder has been published and can be reached from publisher’s website.

The book takes a pionerring appproach to be a reference for important trends such as consensus support, fusion and weighting of relevant decision information, subgroup clustering, behavior management, and implementation of decision support systems, among others.

Nevertheless, a review and principles of the classical approach to challenges and difficulties in large decision groups, families of techniques, and newly related disciplines to Large-Group Decision Making are discussed.

Finally, existing and future works have been highlighted in this novel topic.

Please click the cover below to find the book on Springer:

I hope you enjoy it and please do not to hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Palomares Carrascosa for a feedback or update about the book.

Best Regards


Great News: The Founder of DSRS research group Dr. Ivan Palomares joins the Alan Turing Institute!

We are glad to announce that our DSRS founder Dr Ivan Palomares is joining the Alan Turing Institute (ATI) as a Turing Fellow. Dr Palomares has recently showed his gratitude to the Institute by saying “Very delighted and honoured to have this wonderful opportunity: I’ll make the most of it together with my team“.

By receiving this prestigious Fellowship to become a member of the Turing – the UK’s leading Institute on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence comprising experts across a number of member universities – Ivan and his team will actively work on personalisation and data-driven decision support approaches to address core institute challenges and global societal challenges, joining forces with academics, industrial partners and practitioners across disciplines. We will likewise bet on a highly international research pathway, and expect to work hand in hand with University of Bristol’s Jean Golding Institute of data-intensive research, led by Prof. Kate Robson Brown who also serves as Turing Lead for our university!

DSRS members are immensely fascinated with these exciting good news which came to us so much shortly after our “birth” as a research group. We could not imagine a better way to kick-start our journey!!

Congratulations, and time to do our best for the scientific community and society!

Ercan 🙂