This page contains information about the members and collaborators with the DSRS group, along with students doing exciting R&D projects with us.

Our Lab is part of a larger research group: Bristol’s Intelligent Systems Lab. Our research aims at investigating how multi-criteria and consensus decision making, information fusion, uncertainty handling and intelligent techniques can help supporting contemporary complex decision scenarios. Major questions currently being addressed include: (i) how to support consensual decision-making among large groups of participants, (ii) how to intelligently fuse disparate social and contextual data to improve personalization services via RecSys (Recommender Systems), and (iii) exploring novel applications of RecSys and decision support under uncertainty, such as: management sciences, tourism, academic recruitment and human-machine decision making.

Core Team Members:

Iván Palomares Carrascosa, Lecturer in Data Science and AI,University of Bristol


Iván is a Lecturer – Assistant Professor – in Data Science and AI with the Department of Computer Science at UoB. He is also a Turing Fellow with the Alan Turing Institute, and an ACM Professional Member. His main research interests and current activities revolve around the following topics/problems:

  • Recommender Systems: Multi-View Data Fusion Strategies, Group Recommender Systems and Applications (tourism, leisure, smart cities, digital health…)
  • Decision Making under Uncertainty (predominantly of fuzzy and linguistic nature).
  • Multi-Criteria, Collective and Consensus-driven Decision Making.
  • Intelligent Decision Support Systems
  • Preference Modelling and Intelligent Aggregation Methods.
  • Collaborative Planning and Decision-Making with Autonomous Intelligent Systems.
  • Applications of Fuzzy Decision Making and Aggregation (autonomous systems, cyber-security, energy planning, …)

He authored and edited two Springer books which you can check here:

More info on his research portfolio and interests can be found in his personal website.

In his free time, Ivan likes to travel around the world – schedule permitting – with a special fascination for South-East Asia. He also likes playing videogames, reading or writing, hiking and getting lost in nature, buddhism, yoga and meditation. He will rarely say ‘no’ to meeting for a coffee or trying new places to dine out 🙂

  • James Neve  “Computer Science PhD candidate, University of Bristol” (EPSRC Doctoral Partnership Programme, DTP Scholarship) – started October 2018 (Supervisor: Iván Palomares Carrascosa)(Bio)

    James Neve, PhD Candidate, University of Bristol


    My name is James Neve, a PhD candidate at the University of Bristol in the DSRS Group, specialising in Reciprocal Recommender Systems. I have a BSc and MA in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge. Other research interests include decision systems and practical applications of machine learning, especially in the online dating field.

    Between graduating and starting my PhD, I spent 6 years in Japan working as a software developer, most recently for Eureka, part of Match Group and developer of the largest online dating service in Japan, Pairs. I am fluent in Japanese (JLPT N1 – highest level qualification) and experienced in writing large-scale applications in Go, Scala, Ruby, PHP and Python, setting up AWS architecture with Terraform and Packer and various database technologies including SQL, NoSQL and cache services such as Redis and Memcached.

    I am interested in Japanese language and culture. I also play bass guitar, know a lot about heavy metal music and I’m interested in powerlifting and strongman.

  • Hugo Alcaraz Herrera.  “Computer Science PhD candidate, University of Bristol” (Conacyt Mexico, Sponsored PhD Scholarship) – Start date: early 2019. Supervisor: Iván Palomares Carrascosa (Bio)

Hugo Alcaraz Herrera, PhD candidate, University of Bristol


Hello! If you are reading this, it is because you are curious about me (or probably you have clicked wrongly). I am a PhD candidate at the University of Bristol in the Decision Support and Recommender Systems research Group. A lifelong interest in technology led me to study and earn a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. Afterwards, I completed a master’s degree in Science and Computer Engineering, focused in Artificial Intelligence by National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
My research fields are Evolutionary Computing (mainly Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming) and Machine Learning (supervised learning). I have applied these techniques to solve problems related to logistic processes. For instance, I developed a computacional entity which is capable of finding a way to arrange merchandise in a transport vehicle considering restrictions such as product weight, physical dimensions of the vehicle and product compatibilities. Furthermore, I have worked in a project which consisted in using the output of the project mentioned previously to train a learning algorithm which objective consists in suggesting a set of ways to arrange products in a transport vehicle.
Although it seems I cannot do anything different related to computers, I like to make music; I play drums and when it is possible, I like running and I like reading; Science Fiction is my favorite genre. Moreover, I am vegetarian.
  • Benjamin Arana.  “Computer Science PhD candidate, University of Bristol” (Conacyt Mexico, Sponsored PhD Scholarship) – Start date: May 2018. Supervisor: Prof. Peter Flach. Co-supervisor: Iván Palomares Carrascosa (Bio)

Benjamin Arana, PhD candidate, University of Bristol



  • Zijian Shi.  “Computer Science PhD candidate, University of Bristol” (China Scholarship Council, CSC UK-China PhD Programme) – Start date: Sep 2019. Supervisor: Iván Palomares Carrascosa (Bio)

Zijian Shi, PhD candidate, University of Bristol


Hello, this is Zijian Shi from China. I got my BSc degree in project management from Tianjin University and double MSc degree from both Tianjin University and University of Texas at Dallas, majoring in management and finance respectively. My research back then was mainly towards group decision making techniques in complex application environment and got one paper published in Knowledge-based Systems journal. Currently I am working on recommender systems for financial market, utilizing both traditional logic of recommender system and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to provide investors with recommendations on financial products.
In spare time, I am a photography and live house lover. Rookie on guitar and right now struggling with piano. Happy to be of help if there is any inquiry. Email:


Previous members

  • Binyamin bin Yusoff,  “Visiting Researcher (Assistant Professor)” (University Malaysia Terenganu) – 1st September 2018-1st March 2019 (Bio)

Dr Binyamin bin Yusoff, Visiting Researcher (Assistant Professor),U. Malaysia Terenganu


My research interests are concerned with decision analysis under uncertainty and soft aggregation processes – broadly falling into the area of computational mathematics. My major foci are: i) fuzzy set theory and higher order fuzzy sets such as intuitionistic fuzzy set, type-2 fuzzy set, hesitant fuzzy set, neutrosophic set, bipolar fuzzy set, conflicting bifuzzy set and imprecise probability theory such as Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence; ii) decision analysis models under multidimensional aspect such as additive and multiplicative preference relation models, outranking relation models, cardinal-based decision models; iii) aggregation operators for information fusion involving dependency and independency among data or arguments. The classical arithmetic means and ordered weighted average are among the independency type of aggregation operators. This also holds for the weighted and the generalized versions of these operators. Moreovthe er, dependency type of aggregation operators is based on fuzzy measure such as choquet integral and sugeno integral. The integration of the above-mentioned techniques can produce more sophisticated decision-making models that deal with complex decision analysis of real-world problem. Current research interest is on the inclusion of human perception in decision analysis, including the consideration of human behaviour or preference between two extreme cases; pessimistic to optimistic points of view. My current contribution is on the integration of soft aggregation processes based on majority concept for the multi-expert decision-making models. Ordered weighted average and its variants as well as the concept of fuzzy set theory play their role in expanding and generalizing the classical models. Recently, the developed models have been applied and tested in the financial analysis domain.

Our Collaborators 
We are keen supporters of multidisciplinary and international R&D activities, with potential to reach out to – and generate impact on – the wider society. Our collaborations involve research and consultancy activity with universities, research institutions and companies across the globe. Some examples of such collaborations include:
Previous MSc and Undergraduate Students Supervised
Harvey Benjen. MSc Computer Science (2019)
Supervisor: Ivan Palomares
 Bio: I am an international  student from the United States currently studying in the MSc Computer Science Conversion course at University of Bristol. I received my B.A. in Sociology from University of California, Berkeley and spent a few years working in the automotive supply industry before deciding to transition to tech and coming to Bristol.
Tom Bewley. MSc Advanced Computing (Machine Learning) (2019)
Supervisor: Ivan Palomares
 Bio: I completed a BEng in Engineering Design at the University of Bristol, before jumping ship to an MSc in Advanced Computing with a specialism in machine learning. I have a broad interest in taking the field of AI ‘beyond’ data-hungry deep learning, specifically in the realm of multi-agent and robotic systems, as well as wider issues of algorithmic fairness, transparency and explainability.
Tushar Bhatnagar. MSc Advanced Computing (2019)
Supervisors: Ivan Palomares, James Neve
 Bio: I am an international student from India currently pursuing my MSc in Advanced Computing. I have roughly 3 years of versatile work experience in software development, marketing and management. My goal is to develop technology solutions which capture the ongoing flux in the technology space and “generate impact”.
Ting-Hung (David) Chen. MSc Computer Science (2019)
Supervisors: Ivan Palomares, James Neve
 Bio: I am an ambitious software engineer with 3 years’ work experience in software industry in Taiwan, and currently interested in Machine Learning 
Fernando Rangel Ramirez. MSc Computer Science (2019)
Supervisors: Ivan Palomares, Hugo Alcaraz
 Bio: I am an international student from Mexico, currently studying a MSc in Computer Science. I received a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from the Technological Institute of Saltillo. Before coming to the University of Bristol I was working as a Process Engineer in the Automotive industry. 
  • Mark Vijitratanakit (2018-2019) “Web application for group leisure recommendation in smart cities“. BSc Individual Project. Supervisor: Ivan Palomares
  • Gregor Bajsic (2018) “Towards Technical Analysis on Cryptocurrencies Market Using Deep Reinforcement Learning”, Master Thesis – (Supervisor).
  • Keshav Goel (2018) “Pointing Cast to their Next Blockbuster! Recommending the best movie to act in”, Master Thesis – (Supervisor).
  • Eunchong Kim (2018) “Fitness that fits! Recommending physical exercise videos based on Youtube user preferences”, Master Thesis (Supervisor).
  • Oluwayomi Okeowo (2018) “Customer Churn Prediction and Recommendation using Spark Machine Learning”, Master Thesis (Supervisor).
  • Anastasia Petrovskaia (2018) “Decision Support System for New Product Development based on Customer Data”, Master Thesis (Supervisor).
  • Anjie Song (2018) “A distributed movie recommender systems using via Hybrid Approach”, Master Thesis (Supervisor).
  • Defa Qian (2018) “Helping people find suitable products faster on AliExpress”, Master Thesis – ongoing (co-supervisor with Dr. Bahar Rastegari)
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