Here is a list of publications made by DSRS members. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in further discussing ideas related to our research, or if it matches your research interests/expertise.
International Journal Papers   
International Conferences
NOTE: Publications in national conferences/journals in Spanish language are omitted in this publication list. Please refer to my full CV or Google Scholar profile for a full list of publications.
Authored Books/Monographs
Edited Books
Book Chapters
  • F.J. Quesada, I. Palomares, L. Martínez. Using Computing with Words for Managing Non-Cooperative Behaviors in Large Scale Group Decision Making. In W. Pedrycz and S.M. Chen (Eds.): Granular Computing and Decision Making. Springer Series on “Studies in Big Data”, vol. 10, pp. 97-121, 2015.
  • I. Palomares, L. Martínez. Attitude-based consensus model for heterogeneous multi-criteria large-scale group decision making: application to IT-based services management. In Manuel Mora et al. (Eds.): Engineering and Management of IT-based Service Systems. Springer Series “Intelligent Systems Reference Library”, vol. 55, pp. 155-177, 2014.