Welcome to our third team mate

Dr. Binyamin bin Yusoff,  Lecturer in Mathematics from Universiti Malaysia Terengannu (UMT, Malaysia) started his long-term stay with us as a visiting lecturer with the DSRS group.

With a broad expertise in computational mathematics, and specialization in fuzzy mathematics, decision sciences and optimization, aggregation operators and applied financial economics, Binyamin will initiate collaborative and multidisciplinary research with UoB, hosted by Iván Palomares Carrascosa (Computer Science Dept.). Please contact us if you are interested to know more about his research and our collaborations.

Here is a summary of Binyamin’s research contributions, achievements and interests:

“My research interests are concerned with decision analysis under uncertainty and soft aggregation processes – broadly falling into the area of computational mathematics. My major foci are: i) fuzzy set theory and higher order fuzzy sets such as intuitionistic fuzzy set, type-2 fuzzy set, hesitant fuzzy set, neutrosophic set, bipolar fuzzy set, conflicting bifuzzy set and imprecise probability theory such as Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence; ii) decision analysis models under multidimensional aspect such as additive and multiplicative preference relation models, outranking relation models, cardinal-based decision models; iii) aggregation operators for information fusion involving dependency and independency among data or arguments. The classical arithmetic means and ordered weighted average are among the independency type of aggregation operators. This also holds for the weighted and the generalized versions of these operators. Moreover, dependency type of aggregation operators is based on fuzzy measure such as choquet integral and sugeno integral. The integration of the above-mentioned techniques can produce more sophisticated decision-making models that deal with complex decision analysis of real-world problem. Current research interest is on the inclusion of human perception in decision analysis, including the consideration of human behaviour or preference between two extreme cases; pessimistic to optimistic points of view. My current contribution is on the integration of soft aggregation processes based on majority concept for the multi-expert decision making models. Ordered weighted average and its variants as well as the concept of fuzzy set theory play their role in expanding and generalizing the classical models. Recently, the developed models have been applied and tested in the financial analysis domain.”

Wishing Binyamin all the very best during his time with us at Bristol!

Left to right. Ercan Ezin, Iván Palomares and Binyamin bin Yussof on a “welcome lunch” to celebrate that DSRS group starts (gently) growing!